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Nail studio Acrylic Starter Kit with Colors & Nail art - No. 93

Nail studio Acrylic Starter Kit with Colors & Nail art - No. 93

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All in One starter set with an extra large variety of Acrylic products and nail art.

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 Step by Step Anleitung Gelmodellage


Step-by-step manual for artificial acrylic nails

Guide for correctly using the products.

Create a professional artificial acrylic nail, step by step.

We don’t leave you alone after your purchase. If you have further questions regarding the usage of our products, different techniques or the composition of certain items, you can e-mail or phone us and we’ll gladly help you




Nail Drill for Manicure Pedicure  

Electric Nail File TecNail Studio 33

Compact, powerful electric nail file for professional nail and foot care.

Attention: Color of this device or hand piece can be different.

- Infinitely variable speed from 500 - 20.000/rpm

- Includes 11 cutter pin ( 5x Diamond Cutter, 1x Mandrel, 5x Sanding belts)

- Simple to transport

- Simple handling


Primer Acid Free Bonder 15 ml

This item is a liquid acid-free adhesion agent in a brush bottle.

It’s strengthening the adhesion gel or acrylic materials on the finger nail. Essential for problematic nails with premature lifting.

This bonder should be applied in a thin layer, after roughening the nail and after removing the file-dust.

After a short curing time, the first layer of UV gel can be applied.


 Acrylpuder klar


Acrylic Luxus Powder 10g Clear

Color clear

Extra finely sieved powder for long durability and excellent liability. Levels itself out independently and is consistent in any temperature! Contains UV stabilizers and optical brighteners. Suitable for use with forms, bulding up the natural nail or for use with tips.

 Acrylpuder rosa


Acrylic Luxus Powder 10g Pink

Color Pink for natural nail bed. A nice combination you can achieve with white French- tips

Extra finely sieved powder for long durability and excellent liability. Levels itself out independently and is consistent in any temperature! Contains UV stabilizers and optical brighteners. Suitable for use with forms, bulding up the natural nail or for use with tips.



 Acrylpuder weiß


Acrylic Luxus Powder 10g French white

Color white. ideal for French artificial nail or for the whole nail.

Extra finely sieved powder for long durability and excellent liability. Levels itself out independently and is consistent in any temperature! Contains UV stabilizers and optical brighteners. Suitable for use with forms, bulding up the natural nail or for use with tips.


 EuBeCos Acryl Liquifd


Acryl Liquid 100 ml

Fixation Liquid for the acrylic technique.

Our popular liquid is perfect for nail technicians who prefer medium curing time.

Suitable for the beginners, the delayed curing time makes the correction easier.

 Farbiges Acryl


3 x COLAXY Acrylic Color Powder 3g 

COLAXY Color Powders are available in many different color shades.

- Pure Color

- Neon Color

- Effect Color

- Pastel Color

- Glitter Acrylic Powders.

You'll get 3 attractive colors randomly chosen.
Let yourself be surprised!






Dappen Dish

 Small glass dish used to process acrylic powder and liquid.

Kleines Glas-Töpfchen zum Verarbeiten von Acrylpuder. The stable jar is ideal to take a small amount of Acrylic Powder and easy to clean.  

By using the dappen dish you can avoid the blobs in your can of acrylic powder. Remaing of Acrylic Powder can easily be shaked back into the storage jar, after it has been cleaned of any resulting bolbs. 

 Cleaner Entfetter



Nagel Cleaner 100ml

The special liquid is compatible with every artificial nails system.

A cleaner serves to clean, degreasing the natural and artificial nails. Only this way, an optimum maintenance of artificial nails and modeling is ensured.

Use it before applying the gel and removing the sticky layer.


Kleber 3g



Tip Glue / Nail Glue  3 g

 Transparent nail glue with medium consistency.

Also suitable as a Medical-adhesive due to its high quality. Extra gentle to the natural nail.

For bonding tips, nail jewelry and repairs.


 Nageltips in Sortierbox


100 Nail Tips in shape sorter

Professional Nail Tips ABS plastic with extra good flexibility.

10 tips per size sorted in a transparent plastic box.

The good flexibility of the tips will facilitate bonding, they adapt easily to the natural nail.




Profi Tip Cutter Special

Pressure-free shortening of nail-tips with only one cut. Depending on the approach angle of the cutter, you can cut the tip straight or oval and thus predetermine the shape and save you the time and trouble of filing your nails.

 Modellierpinsel Gr. 6



Hochglanz Polierblock Supershiner




Modeling Brush Size 6
Nailbrush ideal for  Acryl Artificial.
Synthetic Brush MADE IN GERMANY

stable acrylic shaft in crystal clear - acetone resistant.
robust, seamless silver ferrule.

Extremely durable synthetic brush with a premium artificial hair.

This professional tool makes work fun!



Polishing Block SUPER-SHINER

Shiny without Varnish?

Handy polishing block in ergonomic form for shiny well-manicured nails.
The new two step technique makes your nails shiny in a very short time. Get a Massage for your nail bed an lunula, very pleasent in using.

- For the first step, use the pink side with long soft movements over the nail
- In the second step the nail will get the high polish finishing.

 Modellierschablonen gold



50 x Modeling-Templates Gold

Stable and well-adherent modeling-templates for artificial nails and nail extensions without tips.

The Nail-templates are also very good for repairs.


 Feilen gerade schwarz



5 x professional files 180/100


The files are usable on both sides, very durable and can be disinfected. For trimming and filing off a natural and artificial nails. The files have 2 different grits.

The rough grain simplifies the filing of old gel or acrylic materials.

The fine side is ideal for natural nails and rework of minor bumps along the completely modeled fingernail.


 Buffer weiß


Buffer / Sanding Block

The popular all-round Buffer. The no. 1 utility for the finishing touch, after each nail modeling - in any system.

Removes fine to medium irregularities on the surface. Suitable for all kind of rework. 4 sides / 100 grit Available in the colours: white, purple, blue, green, yellow.

You’ll receive 1 Buffer in a randomly selected colour.

Come and take pot luck

 Dotti Marmorierwerkzeug



1 x Spot Swirl Dotting

Spot Swirl Dotting Marbled tools with an attractive design. These nail art tools are ideal for producing marble effect paint finishes and good services in the application of French tips and nail decorations.

They are equipped each with a thinner and a thicker spherical head.

 Rosenholz Manikürestäbchen


5 x Tulipwood Sticks Manicure Stick

With the wooden sticks made of soft tulipwood, you can push back the cuticles and remove gel residues from the nail wheels.

The practical sticks are also ideal helpers in nail-painting and attaching Nailart Jewelry.




1 x Cellulose pads roll

Ideal for cleansing the sticky layer or cleaning and preparing the nail before modeling it.

The Cellulose pads are used for cleaners, nail polish remover, brush cleaner and also nourishing cuticle oil.

 Nagelhaut Pflegeöl



1 x Cuticle Oil Nail Care 15 ml

Hand and nail oil in attractive and very pleasant aromas.

Suitable for the care of nails and cuticles, manicure or for a soothing hand massage.

The cuticle oil strengthens and nourishes the cuticles and nails.

Eligible for heating, so you can enjoy a pleasant hand bath.

 Nagelstaub- Pinsel


1 x Dust Brush

This extremely robust nail dust brush is used to remove the dust on filing fingernails and hands.

The bristles are firm and stable. The rounded shape ensures gentle cleansing of the skin without breaking it.

The dusting brush can be easily cleaned and disinfected with a mild soap.




10 x Nail Art Mix Professional Products


EuBeCos offers a wide range of nail products.

The selection which we put together for you will convince you that we offer high quality products.

You get 10 different nail art products like glitter powder, Stripes, sequins,  Nail Caviar pearls, Fimo, Piercing chosen in different colors, randomly.

Come and take pot luck!

 Nailart Pen und Farblacke



1 x Professional Nail Studio UV varnishing


The varnishes are fast drying, offer a good coverage and brilliant gloss. In this range you will find basic colors for every mood and it fit with any wardrobe: from bright signal red to pastel silky, cool metallic and brightly colored Candy Colors.

You get 1 attractive fashion colour, which will be randomly chosen.

Come and take pot luck!


1 x Nailart Pencil / Fineliner Varnish-Pencil

With our Nail Star Nail Art Pen you can draw your nail art ideas more easily from now on. Our Nail Pens are filled with high-quality nail polishes.

The nail polish pen filled with 10 ml of varnish, fits comfortably in your hand, has a thin brush and a fine metal mine for drawing very fine lines.

You get 1 Nail Art Pen in primary colours or glitter colours, which are being randomly chosen.    

Come and take pot luck!

 Nailart Sticker


2 x nail art nail sticker sheets

These are fingernail stickers in many different colors and designs. Nail stickers can be used to create special designs. Nail Stickers give painted fingernails the finishing touch and make it an eye-catching highlight.

You get 2 different sheets, chosen randomly.

Come and take pot luck!

 Fimo Früchte Rondell



1 x Rhinestone Roundabout rotating display with Fimo nail art

A Rotating display featuring many different Fimo nail art designs.

The polymer clay can be inserted in gel, acrylic or lacquer in order to achieve a beautiful 3-D effect.


The roundabout is a practical organizer for clear storage of rhinestones or other nail art decorations and can be refilled and reused, again and again.

 Nailart Display


 1 x large nail colour display

Present your customers your nail polish or personal UV gel colours range at a glance.

The nail polish colour display is suitable for painting and can be cleaned with nail polish remove.

It’s also suitable for UV gels or the presentation of nail art work. The display contains 48 tips. Dimensions: 151 x 276 mm Material: 0,8 mm PETA




1 x Training finger exercise finger

Exercising-fingers so you can exercise filing technique and nail art designs in the artificial nails. Also to practice tip extension and acrylic or UV gel.

The exercise fingers with double adhesives are clamped on a pedestal and can thus be attached to the table.

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